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Friday, May 11, 2007

I rarely post photos I deem to be personal, perfering to let you all see the rest of the world through my eyes. However, I wanted to post an homage to the Psycho Dog/Cat/Hamster Girl, whom I don't know personally, but whose blog is listed in the Links to the Weird and Wonderful to the right over there and who occassionally graces this blog with her kitty litter. Anyway, this is my Maltese, Baby. (NOTE: I did not name her. If I had, I'm sure it would have been something like Killer, or Jane. I don't even call her Baby, I call her Puppers.) She's a huge dog--as you can tell from the cup on the right and the fact she fits on the counter so well--who believes her single charge in life is to yap at any and all who pass by the yard---especially skater dudes. For some reason she barks particularly loud at skater dudes. And as her expression, er, expresses, she was particularly non-plussed this day. March, 2007.


Blogger crallspace said...

Ewww... poop paws on the counter.

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