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Thursday, October 08, 2015

Do you want fries with that? Old car exhibitions are actually competitions and owners usually go all out to make their auto look as best they can. It isn't usual to see displays such as this tray attached to a car window of a 50s rig at such exhibits. Bend, Oregon; July, 2015.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Late night at the front desk at the historic Balch Hotel. Dufur, Oregon; August, 2015.

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Clouds get caught by the peaks on a bright and sunny day. (Click the photo for a better view) Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming; August, 2014.

Friday, October 02, 2015

As we begin the countdown to All Hallows Eve, it seems fitting we end this week, and our everyday overview of the city with this view of Notre Dame. Anyone who has walked around this building understands why it took almost 174 years to build, and why it's one of the finest architectural achievements anywhere. Photos just can't really capture that. We didn't see a hunchback while taking this shot, but be sure to check back and the end of the month so see if we did or not. Paris, France; September, 2015.

Thursday, October 01, 2015

This is rue Montorgueil, a great place to grocery shop or catch some food in a cafe. It's also quite near Les Halles, which makes getting anywhere in the city very easy. The apartment we rented was about a half block from where this photo was snapped. Paris, France; September, 2015.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

There's more than one arc in the city. This is the Arc du Carousel near the Louvre. Paris, France; September, 2015.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Yesterday we posted a pic taken in front of Sacre Coeur. If one turns directly around, this is the Basilica itself. Paris, France, September, 2015.

Monday, September 28, 2015

As we continue our second week of the just returned trip, we offer up a look of the city from Butte Montmartre, taken directly in front of Basilica Sacre Coeur. (Click the photo for a larger view) Paris, France; September, 2015

Friday, September 25, 2015

Place des Voges was bult by King Henry IV 1605 and was the prototype of all other European squares. Interestingly, his house was on one side of the square, while his queen's house on the opposite side of the square. French author Victor Hugo also lived here. Today, it's a VERY toney place with about only the very well to do living around the square. If you're on a budget, plan to eat somewhere else. We ordered a cheeseburger and was brought just about the most boring burger we've ever eaten: meat cheese, a little sauce, and a side of fries. That's it. No lettuce, tomatoes, onions, nothing but the 20 euro bill (about $23). I emphasize a boring flavor. Paris, France; September, 2015. 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Construction began on Notre Dame in the early 1100s and it took almost 174 years to complete. When one is up close, one can see why. Paris, France; September, 2015.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

There's just something about a sunset along the Seine that can't be beat. Paris, France; September, 2015.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Some folks think the Louvre is one of the most gorgeous palaces around, while others think Versailles tops them all. But we have a special place in our hearts for the Opera Garnier, the Paris Opera House. This pic was taken at the bottom of one of it's fantastic staircases. Paris, France; September, 2015,

Monday, September 21, 2015

We've just returned from another weeklong stay in Paris, so for the next week (two?) or so we'll be posting a few photos of the visit. This one was taken while floating down the Seine on a bataux boat on a brilliant afternoon, with Ile de Cité where the city was founded over 2,100 years ago on the left. (Click the photo for a better view) Paris, France, September, 2015.

Friday, September 18, 2015

The cupola of the Énglise Catholique Collégiale St Quiriace can be seen as one looks up the street of this medieval, walled city. Province, France; September, 2013.