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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Our next stop as we whistle our way through the Pere Lachaise Cemetery is a Two For One-er, as we visit a couple of Thespians: Simone Signoret, the first foreign actress to win an Academy Award, buried with her husband, actor Yves Montand, whose voice was the inspiration of the cartoon character Pepe Le Pew. Montand died of a heart attack during filming of a movie: said a co-star, "[H]e died on the set…On the very last day, after his very last shot. It was the very last night and we were doing retakes. He finished what we were doing and then he just died. And the film tells the story of an old man who dies of a heart attack, which is the same thing that happened!"


Blogger julie said...

Please say Marie Curie's resting place will be next?

7:43 AM  

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