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Monday, October 20, 2014

During the 80s and 90s, we'd go to an Oregon Ducks game and sit in the rain to watch a mediocre, to somewhat ok Oregon team, depending on the year. During that time, we attempted to always go to the home stand with the hated UW Huskies. During that era, Washington was a national powerhouse whose totally arrogant fans would follow them down the freeway to Autzen Stadium and obnoxiously get in the faces of the Duck faithful. Times have changed. Thanks to a totally great birthday present, we were able to attend this past weekend's game against the Dawgs. With Oregon now being the national powerhouse team in the Pac-12, it's incredibly difficult to get seats. Anyway, this was our seat, exactly in the middle of the end zone. And we also got to watch our team Huck the Fuskies for the 11th straight year. Life is sometimes very good. An added bonus was before the game, they feted the 1989 Oregon team that went to the Independence Bowl in Shreveport, LA, the only bowl game we've ever attended and still the coldest night we've ever experienced. That bowl win was the beginning of the Oregon turnaround. Taken with my iPhone 6. (Click on the photo for a better view). Autzen Stadium, Eugene, Oregon; October, 2014.


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