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Monday, August 24, 2015

Last month we mentioned that we were fortunate to see one of our favorite bands, the Australian blues-folk group The Waifs, as they did a rare American tour. We recently learned they were coming back to Oregon one last time before heading back to Australia for a tour. Last week we drove the three hours to see them and we were not disappointed as the show topped the one we had attended last month. Donna, (left) one of the sisters in the band, told a story of lead guitar player Josh (above with beard) at a festival they had recently played (remember, they are Australian): They were following Gillian Welch and were running late. Josh had not tuned his banjo and needed it tuned but had to go on, so he saw "this older, long-haired hippie guy" back stage and asked if he knew how to tune a banjo. They guy said yes, so he handed it to him telling he'd be back for it in a few tunes and went on stage as the guy tuned the banjo. They later found out the "older, long-haired hippie guy" was Jackson Browne. (Click the photo for more detail) Roseburg, Oregon; August, 2015.


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