The gr8ful grind

Let go of anger; It's an acid that eats away the delicate layers of your happiness

The reverse side has also its reverse side

Friday, October 30, 2015

We end our countdown to All Hallows Eve in that spookiest of all places, the Catacombs, filled will thousands of real bones from hundreds and hundreds of real people.  This year AirBnB had a contest in which the winner gets to spend the night in the Catacombs on Halloween. You can go here to see photos of the room they set up. And what IS that smell??? Paris, France; September, 2015.

The foulest stench is in the air
The funk of forty thousand years
And grizzly ghouls from every tomb
Are closing in to seal your doom
And though you fight to stay alive
Your body starts to shiver
For no mere mortal can resist
The evil of the Thriller!


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