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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

December was a month for crazy weather around the country: in the 70s in New England, near freezing in California, snow in the West, heat in the East. We weren't spared here, either. Oregon gets so few tornadoes that we're not really sure what one looks like, but a little over a week ago, a weird, thin wind sheer came ripping through here. This is part of the damage to my back yard, fence, and storage shed. The houses on either side of us didn't get the wind. but downwind damage occurred as it moved through. I use to have two nice, big trees framing the storage shed. Both came down. Thankfully, the tree you see didn't damage the roof of the house next door too badly, and the tree that you can't see that was closest to the camera only helped lift up the storage shed (it's at least 6 feet off the ground), and took just barely missed the house. It did take out a portion of the back porch, a little of the damage you can see bottom right to the porch deck railing. There's other damage as well, but nothing to the house as far as we can tell. Redmond, Oregon; December, 2015.


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