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Monday, October 31, 2011

We end our week of whistling through the most visited cemetery in all of Europe on All Hallows Eve at the most visited grave in that cemetery. The Lizard King, himself, who broke on through to the other side in the 70s while in Paris. Jim Morrison of The Doors. Notice he's wedged in there behind large monolithic tombs. One use to be able to get in there, but the family has requested a fence and guard be placed there. The guard is now gone, but I was leaning on the metal fence, a portion of which you can see in the background if you click on the photo. You can also see where fans have chipped away the front of the grave for souvenirs, probably why the family made their request. That concludes our visit to Pere Lachaise Cemetery, and for the most part, our visit to Paris. Back to photos of other places I happen to be around. Oh, and that grave I never found? It was Oscar Wilde's. I really, really wanted to see that one, but by the time we found out that it was clear on the other side, up and over a hill in this massive place, we were too pooped to trek back out there.


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