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Tuesday, August 04, 2015

You Grinders may recall last week when we mentioned that we had attended a show by the Band of Heathens out of Austin, Texas. To many of us, Austin seems to be an island of sanity in the sea of the unreal that is Texas. Proof? Try this article. In any case, Austin and Portland actually have this good-natured feud going on as to which city first came up with the Keep X Weird. Austin believes Keep Austin Weird was first, while we Oregonians know it was actually Keep Portland Weird that was first. But for Portland being wonderfully weird there's Voodoo Donuts, The First Church of Elvis, and much more. We're just offering up this guy--who is obviously blowing some hot jams on his bagpipes--as partial proof of Portland's weirdness superiority. My sources tell me this guy was even on some reality TV program, America's Got Talent, we think. Portland, Oregon; July, 2015.


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